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How to Prepare While Waiting for Roadside Assistance to Arrive

Be Ready When Help Arrives

Being a driver is a lot of responsibility. Even if you take great care of your vehicle and subject it to regular maintenance, unexpected issues could still leave you stuck on the side of the road. If this happens, you should immediately contact your preferred roadside assistance provider in the area. While you wait, here are some things you can do to prepare:

Park Safely and Far From Traffic

Your safety comes first and ensuring that starts by parking in a very safe spot. This could be a nearby parking lot or the emergency lane on the side of the road. Whatever option you find, make sure you’re safely away from any oncoming traffic where you’re not blocking the road or exposing yourself or your vehicle to any danger.

Use Your Emergency Signals

Once you’ve stopped your car in a safe spot, make sure that all your emergency signals are engaged. This includes turning on your emergency light and putting up the hazard sign that you should have stored in the trunk of your car. If it’s nighttime, wearing a fluorescent vest could also be advisable.

Keep Valuables With You

If you are going to have your car towed, it’s best to gather all your valuables from the car first. This includes your important documents, purse, wallet, cell phone, tablets, and similar items. You don’t know what you might need in the meantime and you don’t want the stress of wondering if your items are safe.

Verify Your Roadside Help Professionals

It’s not safe to accept assistance from strangers that pass by while you’re waiting by the road or in an unknown parking lot. If people approach you offering assistance and claiming to be the professionals you called, make sure that they can provide some kind of verification, such as a work ID or a company logo on the side of their vehicle.

Take Pictures of Your Vehicle

Take a few pictures of your vehicle from every side to have up-to-date proof of its condition. This way, if you see any damage after your car has been towed, you can have proof that the damage occurred as a result of the service.

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