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Preparing for Your First Encounter With a Towing Service

Your First Towing Experience

For sure, no driver wants to be stuck in a broken-down car. Unfortunately, it will happen to anyone as their vehicle gets more mileage. Although you’re expecting your car to keep running longer, it’d be wise to have a towing service in your phone’s contact list in case the inevitable happens without warning.

Because motorists tend to panic as their cars break down all of a sudden, it’s important to keep a clear mind and do a couple of important things to make sure your first towing experience goes without a hitch.

Be on the Safe Side, Literally

You and your passengers’ safety is a top priority once your vehicle bogs down. This means you have to find a way to move your car to the side of the road and be away from traffic. Don’t forget to turn on the hazard lights as you do, of course.

As much as possible, everyone who should be in the car has to stay in the car as you maneuver the vehicle to the side of the road. Once you’ve moved away from traffic, keep your hazard lights on and set flares around your car to keep you visible to oncoming motorists.

Don’t Forget to Call Insurance

Get back in the car and check your insurance coverage. If you’re lucky, your insurance provider will offer roadside assistance. If they don’t, ask how much you’ll be reimbursed for the towing service and what will the process be so you can claim reimbursement.

It’d be worth noting that some insurance providers partner up with certain towing companies and you have to check this with the insurer. Once you have all the essential details that you need, call for help from a locally based towing company.

These two initial steps should help you set up for a hassle-free and smooth-sailing first tow. It wouldn’t necessarily be a pleasant experience but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you got all the important bases covered.

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