Heavy Truck Towing

Despite common awareness, towing services span well beyond cars, SUVs and trucks. Many well-rounded towing companies can tow non-traditional vehicles, such as tractors, buses, motorhomes, and box trucks. Yes, they specialize in heavy truck towing, or should we say, super heavy truck towing.

For anyone who rents a U-Haul or a motorhome and suffers from a flat tire, know that you’re not out of luck. Just because it’s not a traditional car does not mean it can’t be towed. Every type of vehicle can be towed!
MR Towing Services has the specialty equipment within our fleet that makes it possible to take on difficult tows. Just give us a call, inform of us your situation and we’ll have at least one person headed your way in no time.

Not every tow company offers heavy truck towing

It’s not a common practice. Every company can tow a Toyota Camry, but far less can tow a bus. The ones that put forth the extra effort in training their staff and purchasing the necessary equipment to handle the latter task are most trustworthy. Of course, if some variation of a heavy truck breaks down, the only option is to call a company which is capable of towing it.

Maybe you plan on someday purchasing a camper as a retirement gift. Or, maybe you have kids in college that are sure to be moving from apartment to apartment or apartment to home in the next decade. Someone’s going to have to rent a U-Haul from time to time. As a commercial company, U-Haul may be contracted to a tow company; however, a purchased camper won’t be. Regardless of own or rent, you should always have a plan in case of a vehicle breakdown.

There is much more to these life changes than having a tow company as a safety net. Though, that’s what a towing company is…a safety net. Once you find one you like, all you have to do is save the tow company’s contact info. in your phone and you are set for years to come.

It’s all about finding a heavy truck towing company you can trust

Heavy truck vehicles are expensive, primarily because they are unique. Finding a new part for a tractor is a lot different than finding a new part for a car. Towing any type of vehicle is delicate, but further damaging a tractor while it’s being towed can be much costlier.Heavy Truck Towing

The goal for every tow company should be to get a broken-down vehicle from Point A to Point B without causing any additional damage. That goal applies to every wheeled creation. Therefore, it’s immensely important that you select a tow company that is experienced in towing non-traditional vehicles.

Often times the heavy truck being towed isn’t even owned by the person who called for the tow. Specifically, heavy trucks are often rented. If you are the one responsible for towing it rather than the commercial company, you’ll surely want to seek the help of a towing company that knows what it’s doing. Otherwise, additional damage could be blamed on you. Then you might blame the tow operators and suddenly every party involved has a real headache on their hands.

All headaches can be avoided simply by contacting a heavy truck towing company that you are certain will do a perfect job.

It’s especially important to plan ahead with non-traditional vehicles

Honestly, the quickest way to narrow your towing service search to one company is by calling. Most towing websites will detail their services, but those details won’t always include specific examples of the non-traditional vehicles in which they tow. Thus, you’ll get your specific answer by calling and asking a representative.

Call a few local towing facilities to ask about your vehicle, whether it be a tractor, RV, bus, etc. You’ll get a yes or no answer. If you get a “no” response, move onto the next call. If you get a “yes”, do some research on the company to ensure it is the right choice.

You can check online reviews or customer testimonials directly in the tow company’s website. You can run a few names by friends or family members that have received towing help in the past as well. There are certainly some bad apples out there; however, for the most part, towing businesses know how to execute a proper tow.

We promise that MR Towing Services knows how to! Start with us in your search and you shouldn’t have to make do any further research or make any additional phone calls.

Need a business partner?

If you are a commercial business and you sell heavy trucks, perhaps it would benefit you to have a towing company by your side to help whenever your trucks need it. This can be a much better option than the alternatives. Namely, handling vehicle issues case-by-case—the costs will add up—or relying on renters to handle vehicle issues—do you really want to give your renters that much responsibility?

Your business will save money and benefit from consistent service and a solid rapport. A system can be put in place between the commercial business and the tow company. From there, the handling of every commercial vehicle breakdown will be like clockwork! Such a partnership will give the business owner one less thing to worry about in the day-to-day operations.

MR Towing Services can help! We’re a versatile towing business that looks to simplify difficult situations. Any type of vehicle breakdown is a major inconvenience. Days are thrown off track, repair expenses come into play, as do alternative modes of transportation. Being without your car is unsettling no matter how long. A quick tow truck arrival and a quick transportation to a repair shop can greatly lessen the amount of time a vehicle owner is inconvenienced.

Keep us in mind and feel free to visit our website, mrtowingservices.com, to learn more. Also, see our blog for all sorts of input on handling vehicle breakdowns.

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