Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycles breakdown too. They have engines and wheels just like cars do; therefore, they can be at the mercy of a tow, just like cars can. A motorcycle’s battery could die, a tire could go flat, and it could become damaged from an auto accident. That’s why it’s important to have a motorcycle towing company at the ready in case a struggle arises.

Are motorcycles easier or more difficult to tow than cars?

Honestly, we don’t consider either particularly difficult to tow. Tow trucks are so strong, sturdy and cerebral these days that every tow should get done without damaging or further damaging a vehicle. Still, both cars and motorcycles present a few challenges.

Cars are obviously much bigger, so they can be tedious to tow if in tight parking lots or parking garages. It’s also more difficult to do damage control with a car that has been in a major car accident. Though, in those instances, a flatbed tow truck is typically necessary. A flatbed makes it to where the car can be pushed aboard the bed rather than hooked at the bumper or hitch.

Motorcycles, on the other hand, are small but flexible. With motorcycles standing on two wheels, tow operators don’t have the luxury of balance like they do with cars. Thus, the key with motorcycle towing is keeping the motorcycle upright and secured. Minor damage can be caused by one just falling, and worse damage will occur if one falls with existing damage.

Ultimately, motorcycles are probably slightly easier to tow. The equipment used for motorcycle towing makes one quick to secure and therefore difficult to damage.

What ways can motorcycle towing can be done?


Flatbed tow trucks are traditionally used to tow cars or trucks; however, anything that can fit a car can obviously fit a motorcycle. Maybe you own a flatbed that can be hooked to your trailer hitch. There are a few ways to secure a motorcycle or motorcycles to the spacious rectangular area.Motorcycle Towing

One way is using tow straps. These will simply hook to the arms of a flatbed or specific slots if a legitimate flatbed tow truck is in play. You just have to be sure to strap the parts of the motorcycle that won’t put its condition in jeopardy due to stress or pressure.

You can also make use of a cradle or motorcycle rail. A cradle basically “cradles” either the front tire or back tire (usually the front); thus, keeping the entire bike in place. A rail basically creates a straight-line bar to secure both wheels. Each contraption is similar in appearance and function to what you see used to secure actual bicycles, only motorcycle versions are more heavy-duty.

Flatbeds are excellent for towing; however, they generally are not the most cost-effective when it comes to towing something as small as a motorcycle (in comparison to a car). That’s why there are other options to consider.

Two-wheel Trailer

Two-wheel motorcycle towing trailers are basically simplified versions of flatbeds. They do not take up nearly as much space, which is perfect because motorcycles do not take up much space.

Two sturdy wheels offer support at the rear of the platform and the platform itself typically connects to the tow hitch at the rear of a vehicle. It’s like when a car is towed with its front attached to the tow chain and the rear wheels still rolling along on the road. Only, in this case, the motorcycle wheels will not be on the ground; rather, the two wheels of the tow trailer will be.

As for keeping the wheels in place, either a cradle or motorcycle rail will be installed on the platform. Straps are an option as well, just as we mentioned with flatbeds.

You can find two-wheel motorcycle trailers in all sorts of varieties. Some will have wide bases while others are very narrow. Some can safely haul three motorcycles while other just one. And some will have the wheels at the very nucleus of the trailer instead of the rear. It all comes down to circumstance and preference. Just be sure the trailer you choose can bare the weight of its intended load.

One-wheel Trailer

A one-wheel motorcycle towing trailer is even more simple. All you really need is an extension to your tow hitch. There needs to be a slot for the front wheel of the motorcycle to sit in a raised position. The rear wheel will stay on the ground to go along for the ride.

The front wheel needs to be secured either by straps or some sort of lock method (will vary based on product). With the motorcycle in place roughly a foot from the rear bumper of the car or truck, it will be protected from high winds and drifts.

If your motorcycle must be towed a long distance, the one-wheel towing option probably isn’t best. The two-wheel or flatbed options would be best in long distance scenarios. Though, the one-wheel option is surely the most economical way to tow a motorcycle a short distance. You won’t have to pay a ton for a one-wheel trailer, for purchase or for rent. Plus, it’s small enough to where it won’t inconvenience your storage space in your garage or shed.

MR Towing Services

Do not panic if your motorcycle breaks down, just call MR Towing Services! We know a breakdown is extremely frustrating, but we’ll get to your location in great time and we’ll have someone on the phone with you for as long as you need to feel calmed and safe.

We’ve towed so many motorcycles over the years that we’ll take care of yours like clockwork. We’ll bring with us the necessary equipment to make it happen and we’ll have your motorcycle to a repair facility in no time so you can have it back on the road!

Please visit our website—mrtowingservices.com—if you’d like to learn more about services or our company in general. Also, skim through our blog for additional helpful topics regarding the handling of vehicle breakdowns.

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